cream shiba-inu
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Shiba inu - japanese breed of dogs

柴犬 Shiba-inu

     Shiba Shiba-inu (柴犬 "is a dog from the bushes" in Japanese) is the smallest of six Japanese breeds of dog, with well-developed hunter instincts. This breed belongs to ancient breeds not modified by humans (genetically similar to wolves). Shiba Inu is a hunting breed. ShibaThis dog was originally often used for hunting birds, deer, boar and even bear, as well as for various small game. It is a free-loving dog, but is loyal to its owner. These dogs are well adapted for living in an apartment, as they are not the tallest dog, the smallest in the average FCI group. Shiba Inu practically do not bark, you can say simply do not bark. This is a strong, unpretentious, healthy, friendly breed of dog. And yet they are very neat and clean. The distinctive feature of these dogs is a kind of sly smile, a muzzle reminiscent of a fox and a tail "bagel". Shiba Inu is recognized as a "national property of Japan. In FCI, the breed is placed in the fifth group of Spitz and primitive breeds. Temperament. Shiba inu are very smart dogs. They love to be friends with other animals, not only dogs. to the flood and shiba inu stubborn and independent dogs. It looks very funny when the dog sits or lies down and does not want to follow its owner. he is very curious and active, they love to take part in everything. They have a very attractive appearance, it is impossible not to notice this beautiful dog. Now the breed is becoming very popular. Shiba Inu likes to pay attention to himself. A characteristic feature of the breed is that they know how to think, even dive into thinking. Shiba Inu is a very smart dog and she understands perfectly what the owner wants from her, but if these requirements differ from their personal, they will do everything to do their own thing. This breed very quickly forgets the punishment, if she believed that it was right, then the repetition of events would not have to wait long. The master at nurturing Shiba Inu needs to have patience. They make good contact when they feel the host is their partner. Shiba Inu instinct helps a lot in hunting. Another characteristic of this breed is zealous attitude. They are very jealous. Siby are very active, hardy, strong, healthy, dedicated dogs. Shiba Inu is a Boss dog. If there are still dogs in the house, then Shiba will do anything to win the master's attention to himself.


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Japanese breed of dogs Shiba-inu.